Slot Races

Slot Races: Ready… Set... Race!

Slot Races

You asked for it, we delivered! 888 Slot Races is the ultimate online casino tournament. Exclusive to 888casino, the Slot Races pits player against player in the ultimate high-speed casino tournament. Nothing beats the octane-fuelled appeal of the Slot Races. As you can imagine, players compete against one another in a race against time. Your task is simple: Win as many points as you can before the timer runs out. The Slot Racer with the highest points tally is declared the winner. We’ll wave the checkered flag and pop the bubbly for you once you’re over the finish line.

How Slot Races Work?

How Slot Races Work?

We know you're raring to go, so we won't keep you long!

Getting started with the Slot Races is an absolute breeze. Simply login to 888casino and head on over to the Slot Races Lobby. Pick a race that you want to compete in from the ‘Race Lobby’, and you're golden.

  • Pick a qualifying slot machine game
  • Be sure to make the minimum bet for the Slot Race so that you get your points
  • Spin the reels as fast as you can while the clock is ticking – once the timer runs out, the game is over

You can easily track your progress in the Slot Races by checking the leaderboard. The closer you are to the top, the more likely you are to receive a terrific price. You can boost your performance by increasing your game play.

Remember – Bonus Money and Real Money can be used to build a big points total. Sometimes, players will finish on the same points total. Don't stress – the player who got to the highest points total first is automatically deemed the winner, and claims the spoils of victory

What Prizes are Up for Grabs?

Slot Races Prizes

We know that you guys love prizes. That's why our Slot Races are loaded up with fantastic rewards. There's lots of options available, including Cash Prizes, Bonuses, Free Spins and FreePlay too.

Compete for Glory!

There is a ‘Main Event’ that runs daily at 888. This tournament offers much bigger prizes, so don't miss this fantastic opportunity to reserve your spot and get pole position in the Slot Races. The quicker you get through your sessions, the more points you earn. Along the way, you'll encounter lots of points boosters to juice up your game. Check these out:

  • Get 5 points with a Win
  • Get up to 50 points with a Jumbo Win
  • Get up to 100 points with a Double Jumbo Win
  • Get up to 500 points with a Monster Win

RACE TIP: The points are not the equivalent of real money. They are used to determine winners in the Slot Races.

Slot Races Exclusively For 888 Casino Players

The Slot Races cannot be found anywhere else – they are exclusively yours at 888. We wanted to create the ultimate slots tournament for players who love to spin and win. This casino tournament is reeling in the crowds at a furious pace, and if you spin those reels just right, you may just see your name highlighted on the leaderboard as a lucky winner. Get ready for your victory lap. We've got the hottest slots games online, and there are really amazing prizes up for grabs.

Enough said player. It's time to hit the track, rev your engines, and put your pedal to the metal as you race towards big prizes, and a Golden Victory Cup! Only one player can emerge victorious at the end of the Slot Races – will it be you? Let's find out!